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Lauren’s Favorite Fikas

The amazing Swedish custom of fika has been a highlight for me. Fika is basically the norm where people take coffee breaks and maybe have a pastry or cookie. At some workplaces, it is even mandatory to Fika! Fika is a noun and a verb, and I honestly fika daily. I have always been a coffee lover and the coffee here is definitely an upgrade from Dunkin Donuts and even Starbucks! Also, don’t fear if you don’t like coffee; many also drink tea.

Here I will share some of my favorite spots. Most of them are near Högalidsgatan on Södermalm, where I live.

S:t Paul Bageri

At the top of my list is Paul. This adorable coffee shop is a 2 minute walk from the Mariatorget train station. The vibe is so cozy and cute with lots of nice seating.

I got a delicious double baked kannelbana (cinnamon roll) with almonds and an oat milk latte. The workers are always lovely and I often see adorable kiddos in strollers or some cute puppies!


Next is Fabrique Bakery, located about 50 feet from the Hornstull station/Hornstull Centrum area. I got a beautiful dirty chai and an almond pastry. This cafe is very small with just a few seats but has amazing baked goods and a very cozy feel.


Also close to Hornstull Metro is Weindels! This homestyle cafe has lots of seating and a large variety. They not only have yummy coffee and pastries but also some delicious lunch options! One thing that is amazing about Stockholm is the plethora of lunch specials. Often one can get a meal that includes bread, coffee, and salad for less than $13!! I got this yummy spinach and feta quiche the first time I went and the free coffee refills is a plus! The next time I went I got a latte and cookie 🙂


Next is Il Caffe, another spacious yet cozy cafe with plenty of seats to get some work done or chat with friends. They have a nice selection of sandwiches, and I have a simple cheese one here. As you can see, they have yummy treats like this tasty pain au chocolat. Again, I get an oat milk latte which is perfect every time!


Despite being a chain, Joe and the Juice is an amazing place to grab fika or lunch! There are many around Stockholm, but I like the one in Slussen. Again, delicious coffee and smoothies! Fewer pastry options, but I got a really good pesto chicken sandwich. This is one of the few places where we Americans can get our iced coffee fix. Also very affordable!

Honorary Mention: Espresso House (Id say its Swedish Starbucks equivalent, but better in my humble opinion) They are all over Sweden!

I have been starting my mornings early and stopping at these shops before class to have some me time, maybe watch some Tiktok, and relax before my day really starts.

I hope you all have a chance to try these lovely spots! I truly always feel so welcome and cozy when I fika; I have only ever experienced kind service and amazing quality coffee!


2 responses to “Lauren’s Favorite Fikas”

  1. Haha, another food critic in the family. Everything looks warm and delicious!


  2. Haha, another food critic in the family. Everything looks warm and delicious! Fika Fika🥰

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